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Nozzle Check Valve
- Short Face to Face Length

- Low Pressure Loss

- Quick Non-Slam Closure

- Metal to Metal Sealing

- Low Weigth

- Maintenance Free

- Cost-Efficient

DN 300 (12") - DN 2600 (102")

up to PN 400 (ANSI 2500)

The type IG-KV has been developed especially for large size and is suitable for all liquid and gaseus Fluids.
The funtional parts of the valve simply consist of an annular disc guided by a nearly resistance-free combination of radial guide and spring. Nozzle shaped diffuser completes the enhanced inner contour for low pressure loss.
Short stroke, small moving masses and masses and spring loaded disc design guarantees extremley quick closure without slamming and allows installation in any orientation.
The IG-BK utilizes a compact design to make it with all the features to a cost-efficent valve.
DN 1200 PN 10 - Epoxy Coating
DN 800 PN 16 - open Position
Standard Materials
On principle Industrial Goods GmbH supplies further to our standard all conventional materials in valve buisness: Hastelloy, Duplex, Superduplex, Stelite, Al-Bronzen, Hastelloy, Inconel........
Grey cast iron, ASTM A126 Class B, for Valve body apply up to DN 800. Our standard and recommendation for all size is ductile cast iron : ASTM A395 Grade 414-18 ( EN-GJS-400-15 )
Face to Face Demensions
Weights and Dimensions for higher pressure classes on request.
DN 1200 PN 10 at the Foundry
DN 800 PN 16 after Coating
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